Update: 3/22/2018 11:01

it’s been quite a few weeks since the news for broke in regards to the defects and vulnerabilities in Intel processors, Since then problems of the same nature have also been found in AMD processors, however to date no resolutions are forthcoming. In fact, Intel and Microsoft have been extremely quite about this issue, In addition, back in late January Microsoft completely pulled it’s patches from the Windows Update Channel so they wouldn’t get out and cause massive havoc on machines ill-prepared to receive them.

Announcement: 1/18/2018 16:16

Well, it’s been at least two weeks since the news of this first broke. As of early this week the news was that Intel and Microsoft had gotten this sorted out, and both parties had released patches. All the AV folks were furiously working on solutions as well and many have come up with solutions.
That’s the not-so-good news. The worse news, and I just learned this moments ago (as of 1/18/2018 16:16) just after testing Microsoft’s suggested registry entries and Windows update, that both Intel and Microsoft are pulling their patches back and advising folks not to move forward yet with either hardware or Operating system patches for this issue. They’re saying that the current patches are causing massive reboot issues and blue screens.
Just before I started this message I pulled the Windows update from my server where I intended to test the patches first before deploying the patches to any of your servers.
At this time it is unknown when patches that won’t break systems or disable services will be ready to be deployed. But, I’ll keep you updated as information becomes available.


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The Mission

The Number One mission of CISS is to Partner with clients; not just provide service to them. The only way that can be accomplished is by building a trust relationship between the CISS and the client. That means you don’t only see or hear from me when you have a problem. I make it a matter of practice to check in with my clients just to see how they’re doing. It is CISS policy to care for your network and the devices on that network as though they were my own.


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