Social Engineering: Phishing for Coin

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood. Remember those emails we used to get claiming some person in Nigeria has a ton of money he wanted to send to you, but first he required either certain information from you, or he needed you to send him some money to get the ball rolling? Those were the good old days. Now, we have a fun new game I refer to as phishing for coin. Learn More


Computer Information Systems & Services, Inc., CISS, was started in June of 2008 with very specific goal in mind. That goal is to provide small to medium sized businesses, in the Greater Harrisburg Area, with the best possible service at a reasonable price. CISS located in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania at 400 Bridge St., STE 4 in the Old Town Commons.

The Mission

The Number One mission of CISS is to Partner with clients; not just provide service to them. The only way that can be accomplished is by building a trust relationship between the CISS and the client. That means you don’t only see or hear from me when you have a problem. I make it a matter of practice to check in with my clients just to see how they’re doing. It is CISS policy to care for your network and the devices on that network as though they were my own.


CISS provides Desktop, Server and Network consulting services. My primary focus is Small to Medium sized businesses, but I do provide limited Residential computer support. For more detail about these services, please have a look here. One of the things I don’t do, however, is hardware repair. That being said, whether you’re a Business or Residential customer, I will more than happy to come and evaluate an issue, make suggestions on possibly solutions and work with Vendors on your behalf to get things working again.

Residential Customers

Even though my primary focus is on Businesses – both For Profit and Non-Profit – Residential computers need support as well and I can help. For more information please see details here.

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