Who Is CISSComputer Information Systems & Services, Inc., CISS, was started in June of 2008 with very specific goal in mind. That goal is to provide small to medium sized businesses, in the Greater Harrisburg Area, with the best possible service at a reasonable price. CISS located in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania at 400 Bridge St., STE 4 in the Old Town Commons.

The Mission

The Number One mission of CISS is to Partner with clients; not just provide service to them. The only way that can be accomplished is by building a trust relationship between the CISS and the client. That means you don’t only see or hear from me when you have a problem. I make it a matter of practice to check in with my clients just to see how they’re doing. It is CISS policy to care for your network and the devices on that network as though they were my own.

 Network Evaluation  CTP
Hardware PlanningEvaluate your entire network from firewall to the desktop. Get a comprehensive list of all devices on your network including a full machine and software inventory and infrastructure diagrams…

Network Evaluation

Comprehensive Technology PlanningCTP: Comprehensive Technology PlanningGet to know every aspect of your Technology Infrastructure and plan for the future…

Technology Planning