Some Anti-Virus vendors include things like Content Filtering as an add-on that they refer to as a value-added module, while other vendors like Bitdefender believe that its so important that they add this to their package as a necessity. Its a value-added feature without the added cost.Content Filtering is so important these days. Just today I was sitting at my desk working on something when an alert popped into my inbox telling me that a site that a user had visited – an internet radio streaming site – had tried to drop a viral payload onto the user’s computer. The AV package caught it but what if the payload had been so new that the vendor hadn’t had a chance to develop a virus signature for it? The computer would have been infected with god-only-knows what kind of malware. All because there was no Content Filter in play with this particular AV package that the client is currently using. In this case it’s an add-on feature that the AV vendor charges extra for.

I’ve recently become a Bitdefender reseller and I absolutely love this product. It’s a managed AV product: Bitdefender Gravity Zone. The client pays a monthly subscription for an extremely comprehensive AV package and I’m able to manage things through the Gravity Zone console. I get alerts when anything happens, whether it’s malware getting trapped, a possible infection or outbreak, or a machine doesn’t have the latest virus signature file. One of the really great parts about this product is it’s an Enterprise Level Malware Protection Package that is so cost-effective that it seems like they’re giving it away.

And, of course, one of the value-added modules in this package is Content Filtering. Now, at first blush, the mention of a Content Filter or the use thereof on a person’s computer sounds like punishment for a user that can’t police their own Internet usage. Nothing could be further from the truth. Content Filtering is a tool, like the Anti-Malware package, that is used to keep the users’ computer, and the rest of the network, safe from Malware coming in from the Internet. When I first got this alert I mentioned earlier from the other AV package currently in use on the computer that generated the alert, I would have immediately place the web address of the site causing the problem into the Content Filter and Viola! The site gets blocked – at least for the time being – and the network is safe.

Lets be real… an internet savvy user is a network administrator’s dream, however it’s not the users’ responsibility to be Internet savvy; that’s not their area of focus and it’s not what they’re hired to do on a daily basis. It’s the responsibility of the network administrator to know these things and to take the necessary steps to protect the networks they’re charged to watch over. To date, Bitdefender Gravity Zone Anti-Malware package is the best tool for that job that I’ve seen in a long time. Its policy driven which means that when the software is installed on a client’s machines all the settings that govern how things are done are defined in a policy in a central place and then those settings are pushed out to all the installed AV clients running in the environment. There’s no need to touch or configure individual machines; it’s all done once for all.

It’s light-weight, it’s fast, it’s comprehensive and once it’s installed you hardly know it’s even there except when you see the program icon sitting in the desktop’s tool tray. I did an install on a rather old and slow Windows 7 machine today. Typically when the program is first installed a full scan is run to make certain there are no bugs crawling around the system or lurking in the shadows. When I first met this program I was impressed with it’s ease of use and how light-weight it is, but watching it run on this old and slow machine while performing other tasks at the same time without any noticable performance drop really said it all for me.

For those of my clients that I’ve already deployed this awesome product for – and a few of you already have SonicWALL devices doing Content Filtering – this is just another layer of awesomeness keeping you safe. Naturally, before deployment of any Bitdefender package there is one Content Filtering category that is checked by default and I’m sure you can guess what that is. However, should I need to check off another category I can with the click of a mouse on the policy, or I can make a single entry for a single web site in less time then it’s taken me to type this paragraph.

I love this part: But wait! there’s more! Along with Content Filtering Bitdefender protects against Ransomware with teeth like a T-Rex. Some vendors will mention that they have protection for a specifically named Ransomware attack, but when I was reviewing Bitdefender as a potential product offering to CISS clients I noticed a statement that essentially said, “Bitdefender Protects Against Ransomware.” There was no word-mincing, just a bold statement that said so much more than so many others.

For my money and network it’s a no-brainer… and I do use it on all my machines. In the 15 days I tested this product I deliberately threw things at it to see how it would perform and to see if I could create any problems. If I’m honest I tried real hard to create situations where it would possibly freeze up the system while doing a full scan. I failed… The Bitdefender AV package is so well put together it does what it says it will do. While doing a scan if the user needs processor cycles Bitdefender waits patiently till there are available CPU cycles for it to continue it’s scanning task. The user has priority where many other AV solutions don’t do this as well, or very well at all.

If you’re not sure about how well your current Antivirus package is performing, or you’re not sure you’re properly protected please get in touch with me on the form below. I promise… I won’t add you to any mailing list or share your information without your consent. That’s just evil.

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