Beginning Dec. 1, 2017 CISS proudly became a Bitdefender Reseller. I am very excited about this Anti-virus package for many reasons. Those reasons I’ll share with you here. The post might be a bit long because there’s a lot of information to share about this product it’s that good! I’ve sectioned things off so you can browse through and pick out the things that are most important to you. When I go looking for information about a product I’m often left a little unsatisfied because of a lack of information. So, you shouldn’t leave this page without a pretty good idea of this product. This is a bit long, but I promise it’s all relevant information. There’s a lot to say about this product and I worked hard to keep it focused so as not to get side-tracked.

The Bitdefender Gravity Zone Anti-Malware product is, as I’ve mentioned before, a very comprehensive, Enterprise Level Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware package. What I haven’t gotten into are the basic nuts and bolts of the product. So, to that end, here we go. I’ll list a few things to start off with:

  • Enterprise Level Protection
  • Managed Cloud-Based Anti-Virus Solution
  • Extremely Light-weight End Point application
  • Full Featured by default
  • Extremely Affordable (billed monthly based on the number of machines)

Light-Weight End Point Application

Over the years, as desktop computers, laptops and servers have become more and more powerful a fair amount of bloat has crept in to the programs we run on them. What I mean by bloat is simply this: programs written today take far more resources to run then they used to; they’ve gotten fat and they’re resource gluttons eating up memory and CPU cycles like it’s their last meal. The more features a program has the more resources it needs to run. Program writers used to take into consideration the limited resources computers of the 80’s and 90’s had, so programs were small and efficient. Anyone remember WordPerfect that ran in DOS, or any DOS based programs for that matter? They were light and fast even on those old machines. Today, memory is cheap and it’s relatively easy to purchase more and install it on a computer to help it more easily run the heavier programs. The Bitdefender Gravity Zone AV client is not put together this way! In fact, if its running a scan of any kind, and notices resources being called for – such as processor resources – it will pause and wait till there are spare cycles not being used to continue it’s task effectively staying out of the way while a user is working. This gives the overall feel of the program on your system a very light-weight feel. To date I have not noticed any performance drop while purposely running a full scan on my system and doing resource intensive tasks to watch the performance.

Enterprise Level Protection

I will admit this sounds like a buzz-word, or rather phrase, but I used it to communicate it’s strength and comprehensiveness. They’ve really packed a lot of functionality into this AV package without sacrificing efficiency or stability. The UI (User Interface – that part of the program that allows a user to interact with the program) is very light, plain and to the point. There’s no eye-candy or fancy animations. This is a no-nonsense, all-business program interface.

Normally, everything listed that you can see here is colored green, but just before I captured this image of the UI, I had tested what I was pretty sure was an infected file waiting to be downloaded so it could release the payload onto the system. Both Content Control in Bitdefender and Edge Browser saw the threat immediately and stopped it dead in it’s tracks. No Monkey Business… No Fuss, No Muss… just very good protection that you can trust. I tried to get a copy of the file downloaded so I could take it apart and examine it, but Bitdefender wasn’t having any of it and I wasn’t going to disable it in order to get the file.

Managed Cloud-Based Anti-Virus Solution

Sure, anyone can go to Bitdefender’s web site, both home and business users, and purchase a license for the program that runs $xx of dollars per machine per year, but doing it that leaves something out: A skilled. knowledgeable technician that can manage things leaving you to do what you do best. In a business environment purchasing it on your own means you’re the one supporting it, whereas purchasing a managed product like Bitdefender from Gravity Zone through a reseller (CISS) – a cloud-based managed Anti-Virus Solution – means there’s someone there between you and the vendor to help if you need it. You’re billed monthly – I bill in the middle of the month because I get billed at the end of the month. When you purchase a stand-alone solution you’re the one watching over the program to make sure it’s doing what’s its supposed to. That’s ok, if you have the time and knowledge to do so, but you don’t have to. There’s a better way to do all this!

Extremely Affordable (billed monthly based on the number of machines)

As I’ve mentioned, this is a monthly subscription and I’ve alluded to it being extremely affordable. Apart from how powerful and effective this AV solution is, this is my favorite part: This solution is so affordable I couldn’t say no to it and I’m hoping neither can you! I’m currently reselling this product for the whopping, princely sum of $2.37/machine/month! No, that’s not a typo and yes you are seeing correctly. The breakdown is simple: if you’ve got 10 machines you’ll need 10 seats. 10 machines at $2.37 per machine is $23.70 per month for Cloud-based, Managed, Enterprise Level Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware that also protects against Ransomware. For my hard-earned money – and I use this product on my machines and servers and pay for it monthly – it just doesn’t get any better than this. I said, also protects against Ransomware because some vendors will say that they protect against a specific strain of Ransomware, however Bitdefender makes the bold statement that it protects against Ransomware. That statement, when I first saw it, wasn’t lost on me and I’m sure it’s not lost on you either.

Full Featured by Default

Some AV Solutions come with just the basics out of the box. There are extras available, but they’re value-added add-on modules that of course increase the cost. The items in the following list are the Protection Modules. (The following Italicized descriptions for each Protection Module are sourced from: Bitdefender GravityZone Partners Guide 1: Publication Date 2017.12.05, Copyright (C) Bitdefender)

  • Antimalware: module is based on signatures canning and heuristic analysis against: viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, keyloggers, rootkits and other types of malicious software.
  • Advanced Threat Control: (These are the Teeth I talked about in a previous PostFor threats that elude the event heuristic engine, a third layer of protection is present in the form of Advanced Threat Control(ATC). Advanced Threat Control continuously monitors running processes and grades suspicious behaviors such as attempts to: disguise the type of process, execute code in another process’s space (hijack process memory for privilege escalation), replicate, drop files, hide from process enumeration applications, etc. Each suspicious behavior raises the process rating. When a threshold is reached, an alarm is triggered.
  • Firewall: The Firewall controls applications’ access to the network and to the Internet. Access is automatically allowed for a comprehensive database of known, legitimate applications. Furthermore, the firewall can protect the system against port scans, restrict ICS and warn when new nodes join a Wi-Fi connection. (disables Windows Firewall and takes it’s place. At the top layer works very much like Windows Firewall, however, a second layer provides much more granular control.)
  • Content Control: The Content Control module helps enforce company policies for allowed traffic, web access, data protection and applications control. Administrators can define traffic scan options and exclusions, schedule web access while blocking or allowing certain web categories or URLs, configure data protection rules and define permissions for the use of specific applications. 
  • Device Control: The Device Control module allows preventing the sensitive data leakage and malware infections via external devices attached to endpoints by applying blocking rules and exceptions via policy to a vast range of device types (such as USB Flash Drives, Bluetooth Devices, CD/DVD-Players, Storage Devices, etc.).  By default this module is turned on and the policy is active but no devices are defined to be blocked. In addition, policies are assigned at the machine group level. If you had 1 or 10 machines out of 12  that you wanted to define and actively enforce certain device restrictions its just a matter of placing those machines in another machine group and applying the desired policy restrictions.
  • Power User: Control Center administrators can grant Power User rights to endpoint users via policy settings. The Power User module enables administration rights at user level, allowing the endpoint user to access and modify security settings via a local console. Control Center is being notified when an endpoint is in Power User mode and the Control Center administrator can always overwrite local security settings. This mode, is of course, password protected, but is available so that if something to be done requires access to the UI an administrator can gain access locally without first making a policy change to gain access. That password is set in the managing policy.
  • Encryption: The Volume Encryption module allows you to provide full disk encryption by managing BitLocker on Windows machines. You can encrypt and decrypt boot and non-boot volumes, with just one click, while Gravity Zone handles the entire process, with minimal intervention from the users. Additionally, GravityZone stores the recovery keys needed to unlock volumes when the users forget their passwords. 

That was a lot of ground to cover, but ground well worth walking over. If you’ve gotten this far then you’ve taken the first and most important step towards obtaining a Powerful, Cost-Effective, Feature Rich Antimalware Solution. The next step is an easy one: Contact me using the contact form below to let me know you’d like to get information about how to purchase and deploy this solution in your business. The information you provide me with on the form, or in conversation will never be shared with anyone else, and you won’t be placed on a mailing list simply by submitting the form. I don’t work that way and I can’t stand it when it happens to me or any of my clients.

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