What is Comprehensive Technology Planning?Comprehensive Technology Planning

Comprehensive Technology Planning is an action undertaken to accomplish the following:

  • Inventory All Hardware
  • Assess the use of existing Technology
  • List Expectations
  • List Concerns
  • Assess current productivity to uncover possible weaknesses
  • List Goals and Objectives

Hardware Planning

Comprehensive Technology Planning starts with a full inventory of the network and all the devices connected to that network. Once that is completed we have the foundation from which to work through the rest of the process. The next step in the process is evaluating your current technology, both hardware and software, to see just how well it is serving you in your company’s business. The goal here is to expose weaknesses in the hardware and software infrastructure of your business in order to fully understand and be able to prioritize tasks. We want to make sure that there isn’t anything lurking in the background that could possibly become a problem later on.

In many instances Comprehensive Technology Planning is even more important in the Small Business environment because technology budgets, are in many cases, limited so you want to make sure that ever dollar spent on technology to run your business is being spent for the right reasons and on the hardware and software that best suites your needs.

CISS will sit down with you, examine your current environment and make recommendations on how best to improve your network to make you as productive as possible. But the planning doesn’t stop there. CISS isn’t satisfied with just the here-and-now; short-term goals are good and necessary, but Comprehensive Technology Planning is more about the long-term. We want to make sure we plan far enough ahead to allow for growth and to keep your business sharp and competitive.

If you would like more information about Comprehensive Technology Planning or you would like to request an initial consultation please feel free to contact us using this form. You may also contact CISS directly by phone by calling (717) 512-9718; ask for Mark.

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Comprehensive Technology Planning
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