What are Managed Services?

  • Total device coverage from Firewall to Desktop.
  • Guaranteed two hour response time.
  • Pro-active approach to everything on your network.
  • Affordable full coverage contracts designed to stretch your IT budget without skimping on quality.
  • Monthly meetings to discuss concerns and plan for the future.
  • No hourly rates to worry about.
  • Hardware and software upgrades covered under the plan.
  • Contract Term one (1) year.
  • Contract Costs are determined by the number and type of devices on your network. (Type refers to server, router/firewall, workstations, hand-held devices such as Blackberry Smart Phones.)

The Managed Services Contract is a comprehensive way to ensure a viable, smooth running office network environment. Upgrades, and software patches are installed on a routine basis to ensure you have the latest protection and software available from vendors for Office Productivity, Desktop, Server, Anti-virus and peripheral components. As a Managed Service Contract holder you are considered a Partner and not just a client for whom we perform services. This is important to us and hopefully to the MSC Partner as well. Relationship, Service and Satisfaction are our primary goals for all our clients; not just our MSC Partners.

 The Benefits of Managed Services.

  • 24×7 monitoring on servers, workstations, and firewall/routers
  • Full Coverage from Firewall to the Desktop at a fixed, monthly rate that does not change for the length of the contract term.
  • Full Network, Server, and Workstation documentation that includes software installed on those servers and workstations.
  • A Technology plan that will allow you to plan and budget for future technology and hardware purchases to keep your business profitable, viable,and stable.
  • Because your systems are constantly monitored we know about problems before you do. Often those problems are addressed and taken care of before they impact productivity and before you’re even aware of them. This pro-active approach affords you peace of mind and allows you to concentrate completely on your business.

 Contact Us For an Evaluation

Please, feel free to contact us either by phone or email for a free MSC Evaluation consultation. If you choose to Email us please include your Company’s name, address, Contact person and most importantly your phone number. One of our representatives will contact you and schedule a time to meet that most suites your schedule.

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