Initial Network Evaluation:

An initial network evaluation is done any time we go into a network environment for the first time and is done free of charge. This give us a better picture of your infrastructure and how things on your network are laid out. With this information we can find trouble spots, make recommendations and better serve you as a customer. We treat this information with the utmost privacy and if at any time you choose to stop using our services all documentation and information regarding your network is returned to you. Parts of the intial network evaluation are much like an interview where some questions are asked and a check-list is followed in order to gather necessary information. Once this is complete we will sit down with you and go over the information we’ve gathered and make recommendations, if any are forth-coming.

Comprehensive Network Evaluation Comprehensive Network Evaluation:

A Comprehensive Network Evaluation is somewhat like an intial network evaluation which some very distinct differences:

  • There is a cost involved, but for the amount of information that is returned to you is worth every penny spent.
  • Your entire network is inventoried and completely documented which includes professionally designed and easy to read drawings, summary explainations of devices on the network, detailed workstation and server inventory sheets. These server and workstation detail reports include all the hardware and software information needed to submit to an insurance company should some disaster befall a machine and necessiate the machine be replaced or some portion of that machine be replaced. With these detailed machine inventory reports in hand you’re able to know exactly what you’ve got.
  • Everything in this evaluation is bound in an easy to store 3-ring binder with slip-sheets to keep everything neat and tidy.

Knowing what you’ve got on your network and being able to put your finger literally on the information at any moment brings a great deal of peace of mind.

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