Network Monitoring is a very essential piece of Network Infrastructure Maintenance. Monitoring client networks for possible problems is something we consider very important. Monitoring allows us to know before you do when something is wrong somewhere on your network. Our Network Monitoring tools are non-invasive and do not collect any personal data; they merely alert us when a server or workstation is either having trouble or has become non-responsive.

Benefits of Network Monitoring

  • Network Monitoring provides an early warning system for your network.
  • Alerts are sent to an administrator to be dealt with by the system on the other end.
  • Whether you’re in or out of the office the monitoring agent is listening to your network and the machines on that network.
  • Keep track of network devices: servers, workstations, printers performance.
  • Realtime disk space stats on servers and workstations.
  • Helps to lower TCO and raise ROI by catching problems early before they become costly disasters.

The Monitoring Agent

  • Runs in the background on workstations and servers.
  • Requires very little system resources.
  • Is able to monitor critical system processes like Exchange, Active Directory, Disk Space, system anti-virus services, is the system up or down…
  • Sends alerts when a critical system service has terminated.
  • Communicates over standard internet traffic ports so there’s no need to make special adjustments to your firewall.
  • Uses Secure SSL connection to communicate to monitoring server for security.
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