I think my most favorite perimeter security device or (PSD) is the SonicWALL. A perimeter security device is a device that literally sits on your network between the Internet connection and the rest of your network. All traffic to and from the network goes through this device on its way in from the Internet and out of your network to the Internet. The PSD’s main job is to protect the network behind it and the computers connected to the network from Intrusion, website born malware attacks. etc… In short all the nasty crap that is crawling all over the Internet.

But, there is almost always one thing that malware creators rely on, or hope for, and that’s an unsuspecting user to help them gain entry into a network or compromise a computer connected to a network. Hence the driving force behind all the malware currently being written and released into the wild on the Internet. It’s also the biggest reason every business network should be properly protected.

It’s that last bit some small businesses have trouble with because they often look at the price of commercial grade security devices as something that is too expensive and they’ve gotten along fine so far without them. While no security device is 100% foolproof because of the human element involved, there’s a good reason there’s such a difference in price between commercial grade and consumer grade security devices, and it’s not the price that should be the most important difference but rather the functionality within the device.Compare SonicWall SOHO - security appliance  If you put a commercial grade PSD beside a consumer grade PSD side-by-side and look under the covers at what they’re capable of doing and the protections they offer it becomes quickly and dramatically apparent just how different they really are.


Consumer GradeWithout going into a lot of technical details, the commercial grade PSD is like a Volvo and the consumer grade – at least some when put in a business environment –  is like a Ford Pinto. Both cars will get you from point A to B, but one is built like a tank and one blows up when hit from behind. Ok… I’m showing my age a little. It’s safe to say that most millennials won’t have a clue what a Ford Pinto is, but I bet a lot of others in business right now do know what I’m referring to.

Metaphors aside, what’s important is making sure your business is protected. That old axiom, you get what you pay for, really does apply here; If you’re skimping on cost then you’re skimping on security and you work hard every day to make your business successful and earn a living. Shouldn’t you put as much importance into the devices you purchase and use between your Internet connection and your computers you use to conduct business everyday?

Commercial grade PSDs come from lots of different vendors. If you’re not sure which one would work best on your network,  you should ask. They range in cost from $200 dollars to $4,000 dollars. It really depends on the size of your network and the needs of your network. If its a business it should have commercial grade security. Both will do port forwarding, but only one has deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention to stop threats before they enter your network.

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