It didn’t used to be an issue, however as IE 8 became 9 and then 10 and now Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer’s compatibility mode is quickly becoming a critical part of the browsers’ list of functions. The fact that a web browser needs a feature such as compatibility mode bothers me. It suggests that something just isn’t right somewhere. Microsoft isn’t playing by the same rules as the rest of the internet world – no surprise there – however their last two IE versions even have problems with some of their server platform software such as Small Business Server 2011 and it’s remote web workplace.

To that end here are some simple instructions for those needing to put IE into compatibility mode to access either the Remote Web Workplace or some other site that IE isn’t playing nice with; and the list is growing.

Attention: If it’s not already turned on and visible you’ll want to enable the tool bar in Internet Explorer because you need to access the Tools menu. Right click just below one of the tabs and choose Menu Bar.

  1.  Click on Tools from the menu bar and then click on Compatibility View Settings.
  2. In the Add this website field, if the web site address isn’t already in there, type in the web address (without the http or https) and click the Add button.
  3. Click Close and then either reload the web site in the browser or close and reopen Internet Explorer.

That’s all there is to placing Internet Explorer into compatibility mode for a specific web site.

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