I often ask for email headers when something phishy turns up in someone’s email messages. It’s really quite simple to get this information. Follow the steps below to accomplish this task. This applies to Outlook 2013 and  2016. Your mileage may vary if using a version older than these.

  1. Open the suspect message in it’s own windows by double-clicking on the message in question.,
  2. Click on the File tab and then click on the properties button.
  3. When you perform #2 you’ll see another window open that look like this:
  4. As you can see in the image above there’s a section labeled Internet headers. Place your cursor in that area, hold the control key down and push the “A”. This will select all the information in this area,
  5. Now, press down the CTRL (control) key and press the “C” key. This will copy all the selected information to the Windows clipboard.
  6. Open a new message composition window, paste the information you just copied into the new message by hitting CTRL-V. This will paste the information into the new message.
  7. Now, just sent it off and that’s it.
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