SPAM doesn’t have to fill your Inbox

SPAM comes in many different types from the innocuous to the extremely malicious, and it’s as ubiquitous as the technology that we take for granted on a daily basis. That being the case it doesn’t have to be a costly problem to deal with. There is a reasonable hardware/software solution to this problem.


THE BAD NEWS: SPAM has become big business and there are quite a few companies that earn their living buying and selling contact information which include email addresses for the express purposes of marketing to anyone and everyone connected to the internet. These same lists-for-sale vendors do, in the course of doing business, sell these lists to anyone who wishes to utilize their services. Not everyone purchasing these lists has simple marketing to consumers in mind. As most of us have found out, either by being informed, or by finding out the hard way, many of these lists-for-sale purchasers are using these email address lists for the express purpose of seeing to it that your machine gets infected to facilitate their nefarious purposes.

THE GOOD NEWS: There are ways to deal with SPAM, but there are some caveats which I will list here (these are listed here not in any particular order of importance):

  • False Positives
  • Human Involvement
  • Not a fire-and-forget solution
  • software solutions can be expensive
  • hardware appliances can be expensive

False Positives
A false positive is a message that has been caught in the SPAM filtering either because there are things within the message itself that meet certain criteria to classify it as SPAM, or the sender doesn’t appear on a white-list of senders to your mail server. (AVG Cloud Care Anti-Spam really makes dealing with this a breeze!)

Human Involvement
With any anti-spam solution there is going to be the need for someone to be involved in the administration of the anti-spam system. That is simply the nature of the beast and unless computers and their sub-systems are endowed with the capacity to thing and reason as humans do, there’s no getting away from the administration of an anti-spam system.

Not a fire-and-forget system
As previously mentioned you can’t simply turn it on and forget about it; these systems must be managed. The real trick to it is choosing the right system that will require the least amount of human administrative effort.

The Solution
Over the years dealing with SPAM has come a long way. Especially now with Cloud solutions becoming more and more prevalent. To date, and not just because I’m an AVG reseller, AVG’s Cloud Care Anti-Spam solution is the best I’ve seen so far.

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