Windows 7: You can still get it but for how long…

While you can’t get Windows 7 Retail, OEM, or even from your favorite IT Consultant or Vendor, and you certainly can’t upgrade a current Home Premium version to Pro or possibly Ultimate. There are certain machine vendors, Lenovo, HP and a few others where you can get Windows 8 machines that come pre-loaded with Windows 7 Pro. However, these offerings are getting fewer and farther between and eventually will go away too.

Microsoft has retired Windows 7 faster than any other previous operating system in its history and is forcing people to upgrade to Windows 8 by making it nearly impossible for folks to get Windows 7. Unless, of course, you happen to know someone who still has connections to a vendor still offering the Windows 7 downgrade.

A few facts about Windows 7 Life Cycle

Essentially, they’re closing the books on Windows 7 in January 2015 which means that’s when it will no longer be available anywhere for any reason and extended support (updates and such) in 2020. Even more surprising is they’ve already got the end of life marked down for Windows 8 and it’s only been officially out of the gate for 6 months!

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